Lunaria Tarot Deck and Guidebook


Lunaria Tarot, for writers who want to connect with their muse and break creative blocks that are keeping them from writing!

A 78-card deck and 172-page paperback illustrated guidebook.

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Are you looking for more confidence and magic in your writing life? That feeling of serendipity, like the universe has aligned to show you the path to your dreams. But sometimes after a few setbacks or an uninspired day (week, month, year…) you can feel blocked, stuck, like the magic has been drained out of you. That’s when it’s time to tap back into your creative intuition, to reignite the energetic fire that started you down this creative path. The Lunaria Tarot deck will help you interpret the thoughts and habits that shape your writing life. Use it as a creative tool to help you unlock your intuition and sense of direction, giving purpose to your writing, and freeing you from the barriers holding you back.

Tarot is a wonderful tool of self-exploration for writers, a way to recognize and release ourselves from internalized patterns that make us believe we don’t have anything to offer to anyone. Tarot is also a lot of fun and can be a collaborative tool used in a group context, such as when creatives give each other readings.

Lunaria Tarot helps us heal the wounds and deeply ingrained insecurities of our past by giving us space to hear ourselves and courage to forge ahead with our creative passions, to share our stories with the world and find our voice along the way.

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