Me and Brushy One String after GlobalFEST at the Mondavi Center on 4/7/2016
Me and Brushy One String after GlobalFEST at the Mondavi Center on 4/7/2016

Brushy is a new hero; I’ve only known of him for a few months. But I have to tell you, if there was ever an example of someone who clung to his dreams and made art out of what some, more privileged people might have mistaken for nothing, it’s Brushy.

If you ever think that you don’t have the resources to reach for your dreams, just watch this video… seriously…

When I went to hear him play last night, I was excited, but I confess I expected it to be a kinda gimmicky performance. Boy was I ever wrong. Brushy’s voice, his presence on stage, and the lyrics of his songs bespoke deep emotion and experience that captivated me and challenged me. If only I could be so lucky as to channel that kind of energy and passion into my craft.

I am so inspired by someone who would take a guitar with only one string, teach himself to play and sing, and then go on an international music tour sharing his gifts with the world. His passion and emotion make me want to jump up and dance! And then get down to work because how dare I squander all the resources that I have and let my own dreams pass by.

Thank you Brushy! Thank you for being you, fabulously dressed in all your bling and cowboy hat last night, singing your heart out on stage for us, not giving up your one string because you thought more would make you better… you’re amazing. Your energy and commitment to your craft are infectious. You’re definitely one of my heroes.

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