How many of us spend our days fumbling through from one opportunity to the next, never really thinking about what direction we’re taking, or what kind of synergy could exist in our creative journey? It’s easier sometimes not to spend too much time dwelling on where we want to go. That way we won’t be disappointed when we don’t get there.

I have a massive fear of failure and of being left out or forgotten. So I often say yes to all opportunities that come my way without considering how they align with my goals for myself and my creative life. Then I feel overwhelmed, spread thin, or frustrated that I’m not getting to spend time on what I really want to be spending time on. When I start to feel this way, I’ve learned that it’s time to take a step back and assess what I’m involved in. It’s not easy to say no when so many “good” opportunities exist in the world.

The Three of Quills is a reminder that a) goals and intentions help make the magic happen and b) you get to decide which direction you take. At any moment you can decide that you want to take a new direction. But better to choose a goal and then switch direction, than to wander directionless through your creative life.

Three of Quills Lunaria TarotNow is the time to stop and define your writerly goals, or redefine them if you already have some. You have a manuscript in the works, or maybe a couple under your belt. Time to ask, “What vision do I have for my writing career?” Are you writing a series, or two or three? What are your goals? What dreams do you have for your writing life? You get to choose the direction you take.
Key Words: envision the future, active waiting, direction

The new year is a great time to make a list of goals and dreams and to set new intentions. Sure, you’re probably going to fall short of some of those goals. But your creative work can also start to feel more focused, which is a great outcome. And we only really fail at achieving a goal if we stop trying.

Give yourself permission to try something on purpose. You have agency if you choose to use it.

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