This morning, thoughts swirl around in my head and defy attempts to be articulated. And I think that’s part of what the message is in the Four of Pages. Every act doesn’t have to be calculated. Every word need not be meticulously thought out.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the mechanics of the artistic wheel that we forget that the reason we got into whatever creative pursuit we have was that it delighted us! So occasionally, it’s ok to do something for the sheer joy of it.

The Four of Pages says:

Four of Pages Lunaria TarotYou’ve worked hard to get where you are. Those late night/early morning writing sessions, your relentless networking, workshop attendance, and social media presence all prove your dedication to your writing goals. But now that you have a bit of success, you don’t know how to enjoy it. Take a breather. Get back to the parts of life that bring you joy. Remember why you started this whole writing thing in the first place!
Key words: control, resistance to change, fear of backsliding

Contrary to the message from that voice inside your head, you will not lose professional clout or artistic cred for being joyful. I saw a post from Julia Cameron (of The Artist’s Way) this morning, reminding us that great art comes not only from suffering, but also from bliss! What if you turned toward joy with your work for a while? What would change in you or your process?

We moved to a new house in the past couple of weeks, and I still don’t have my art studio set up. But I’m committing now to creating for the joy of it in the next few weeks, toward the end of 2020, to calling in joy and pleasure. Won’t you join me?

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