This year… this year has been a decade.

And as tempted as I might be to just burrow down into the earth and not pop my head out until spring… I decided to try something new this year. So I signed up for Holidailies.

Five of Inkwells

For the next month I’m gonna ramble away about … Tarot! Because I am in the process of publishing my first tarot deck, Lunaria: Tarot for writers, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October. (and OMG bear with me as I learn how to use BoldGrid to format my posts… it is NOT intuitive, WordPress, no not at all.)

So. Today’s card is the Five of Inkwells. I’m going to post the Lunaria guidebook text for each card, and give myself the space to decide whether I’ll expound on that each day, because I’m notoriously overly ambitious and have terrible follow through.

So again, without further ado: The Five of Inkwells

Okay, so you’ve suffered a setback. A beta reader bailed, maybe; a writer-friend who promised a blurb dropped the ball; your latest manuscript out on sub came back with no requests for pages. These are REAL reasons to be bummed out, for sure. But don’t let them take over the rest of your life. Give yourself five more minutes to wallow. Then pick up the pieces and get back to work.
Key Words: disappointment, moping

Ha. What an interesting way to start off the month. And what a good reminder… that disappointment is a real feeling that you’re allowed to feel. You just can’t let it rule you. You can’t let it stop you from creating, from reaching for your goals, from iterating until you figure out how to make your dreams realities. 

I’m looking forward to sharing more over the next 30 days. If you read this–whenever you read this– I hope that it brings you joy and encouragement.


5 thoughts on “Oh hey it’s December

    • There will be! I’ll make sure to post a link and will be sharing with my email list, as well, so keep an eye out! Thanks for reading.

  1. I love tarot and I’m a writer, so YAY! Congrats on the Kickstarter funding. That is no small feat. Hmmm, maybe I’ll write about tarot for my next entry.

  2. Happy Holidailies!! Interesting concept for Tarot cards. I used to have a deck of them laying around but I don’t know what happened to them. I had a friend who could read regular playing cards and it was scary at how accurate they were at times.

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