The deck is bringing hopeful emotions to the table this morning with the Seeker of Pages. Before I share the guidebook entry for this card, I want to talk about the intuitive and introspective nature of the tarot. The cards act as a mirror and a tool to spark creative inquiry. Every time we draw cards we get to confront ourselves; the meanings assigned to them plays only a small part in their interpretation.

Through my own tarot practice, I began to realize that I had been stifling my creative and intuitive voice for longer than I could remember. For so much of my life, I’d been taught that someone else was the authority on my life, my creative pursuits, and the stories that I wanted to tell. So I began to sit with each card and interpret the images and the feelings that bubbled up around it for myself. Asking questions like, “What does it mean that I am disappointed when I draw the Ten of Swords instead of the High Priestess?” and “Why does the Death card make me so afraid?”

Oh, and by the way, if you’re already a tarot aficionado, the suits in my Lunaria Tarot echo the common Rider-Waite-Smith deck as follows:

Inkwells = Cups
Pens = Swords
Quills = Wands
Pages = Pentacles

and the court cards as follows as well:

Seeker = Page
Apprentice = Knight
Artist = Queen
Mentor = King

And now on to the Seeker of Pages…

Seeker of pagesMaybe this is you? A hard-working, generous, responsible person who always thinks of what you can do to benefit others.
The Seeker of Pages has so much to offer. They may not be the most original or the most radical with their art. But their sincerity and earnest desire to help others shines through, and elevates them above the crowd.
Maybe there are elements of this card that you need to add to your craft. Take your ego out of the equation and ask yourself, “What can I do to develop my writing so that I’m producing my best work all of the time?”
The Seeker of Pages is studious, thoughtful, supportive, goal-oriented. How can you embody these traits today?
Key words: responsible, supportive, shy, kind

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