Sunlight seems like such a benign thing, doesn’t it? When you picture sunlight, what emotions come up? What images to you see? I feel warm and protected, and I see my cats curled into an especially sunny spot on the floor, or sparkles on water… I think of plants growing and springtime.

I tend toward seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and find myself missing the sun when it’s wintertime. I imagine living further north than I do, closer to the Arctic Circle, would be a challenge, and not one I’d excel at.

But just as with anything, you can have too much sun. Sun poisoning, drought, skin cancer… all things caused by too much sun and not enough clouds.


The Sun Lunaria Tarot Langston HughesThe only way to get a thing done is to start to do it, then keep on doing it, and finally you’ll finish it… –Langston Hughes
The Sun is shining on you, and if good things aren’t already happening for you and your writing career, they’re not far off. Youthful energy, renewable and strong, radiates through you. We could all use enlightenment and clarity. And The Sun promises energy and nourishment that’s necessary for growth.
What the moonlight obscured can be seen clearly in the light of The Sun. But don’t look directly at it. You might go blind. Instead, focus on what the sunlight reveals, which is sometimes an area for improvement. You might find that discouraging at first, but don’t despair. The Sun is not harsh. It’s gentle and healing.
Dig in and take from this time what you need in order to grow tall and strong. You have the power you need to achieve your dreams.
Key Words: vitality, enlightenment, clarity, success

The sun is effective in, necessary for, and inextricable from our existence. And I’m so thankful for the balance that our natural world models for us. Light and shadow, sun and moon, day and night… we need them in order to thrive.

The Winter Solstice is coming, longest night of the year. We could all do with a little more light in our lives right now. What areas of your life and your creative practice could use a little more of The Sun’s energy? What are you doing to cultivate a light that’s nurturing and life-giving to your art and writing these days? 

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