I pulled another card from the suit of pages today and this song popped in my head (title reference)… the Metallica version first, but then I remembered Bob Seeger and thought… gods but I’m getting old. Ha ha ha! Anyhow…

A note on balance: I used to think that balance meant finding time for everything. And I’d be disappointed with myself, and feel unbalanced, if I couldn’t fit everything into my life that I wanted to (writing, painting, hiking, running, grooming the dog, taking a bath, cooking healthy food, etc. etc. etc.)

I have since learned that this way of thinking, having the expectation of somehow balancing just right to be able to fit everything in, is outrageous and unrealistic. Ha! What a surprise and what an actual relief. You mean I can set something aside? I can choose what I want to prioritize in the moment? And that choice can change whenever I want it to? What a revelation to me, and something I’m still learning to embody.

Maybe you still think you can balance and achieve everything. And who am I to tell you that you can’t? Go for it! Live the dream! And also… maybe… don’t be so hard on yourself when (if) you fall short sometimes. We’re only human. And it’s all part of living the creative life.

Two of Pages tarot for writersBalancing the writer’s life (creative time, finances, goals, family life, marketing) requires focus and determination. Make sure you are aware of what irons you have in the fire. Don’t overextend yourself, but also don’t be so focused on one aspect or one project that you neglect everything else. A happy writer is well-rounded and has learned how to manage all the different aspects of their life equally.
In this card, the two books hold each other in balance with perfect synergy. Each project has its own requirements, but they support each other. What choices do you have to make for your writing if you want to achieve your goals? How can you add balance to your creative life?
Key words: change, possibilities, balance, back-up plans

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